About Us

Our brewery has been operating since 2018 and stands in the Pinerolo foothills, more specifically in Cumiana (TO), in a secluded place between a copse and a small lake. The location was chosen because of the chemical properties of its water, which contains the necessary mineral composition for making Marbur beers. These are beers whose style is reminiscent of high-fermentation beers, following traditional guidelines, but reinterpreted to suit our tastes; they are brewed using British malts and hops from around the world, which often play an important role in the character of the beer. Lastly, the yeast is specially produced in cream form by a dedicated Italian laboratory.

The brewery is run by Stefano Basta and Stefano Di Ninno, master brewers certified at the ITS AGROALIMENTARE PIEMONTE in 2016 in Turin (Italy) as SPECIALISTS IN AGRARIAN AND AGRIFOOD TRANSFORMATION; after extensive experience in a wide variety of breweries, they joined forces and know-how to create MARBUR,